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Our Services Include

We are happy to provide free estimates. For a free quote, please fill out all of the fields in our contact us form. Please be as specific as you can when answering the questions and attach any photos, drawings, and dimensions if possible.

Free Estimate

As a participating Retrofit Contractor we can identify inefficiencies in an awning and inform customers of options they have to increase an awnings efficiency. These ongoing cost savings and reduced energy use, provide customers with a faster return on investment. 


Our focussed and experienced team can assist you by creating artistic designs unique to your taste and needs. We've built a straight forward process for working together so we all clearly understand what is required to translate the vision in your head into something tangible, without sacrificing practicality.

Design & Consulting

We are proud to be one of the few awning companies who still build everything in house. From design to welding, sewing to artwork, our facility and experienced staff are capable of delivering the most unique and custom projects imaginable, in a professional and timely manner.


Different buildings and awning designs require different methods of fastening. What remains constant is the quality of our product. We tighten every corner, fill every grommet, and check every piece that goes into each awning, whether it is found on a window, porch, or storefront. We pride ourselves in hanging each awning correctly, because great quality needs to be served with great presentation.


The weight of snow and ice can affect an awnings lifetime. Removing your awnings prior to the coldest months of the season can help preserve the frame and material. If an awning has been damaged, we can rebuild, recover, or patch the awning using the same care as we would with a brand new awning.

Seasonal Removal & Repair




Porch/Window Awnings


Doorway Covers






Awning manufacturing is a family trade that has been passed down through three generations. Residential awnings are a great way to extend your living space, reduce you air conditioning bill, and transform the look of your home. Below are a few examples of homes that have enhanced their curb appeal, while adding comfort to their living space.


Store Fronts 

Logos and




Custom Shades 

and Panels 


Awnings can transform your business from a flat storefront to an attractive focal point. From bright or bold colours to classic and regal designs, the look an awning can achieve is limitless. Below are some examples of businesses that have already revitalized their storefronts and grabbed the attention of all those who pass by. 

Front Entrance Covers 


Entrance Covers

Shipping and Receiving Covers




Industrial awnings can serve many purposes, some are designed to help identify your business,  others to simply protect customers and withstand the elements. Below are examples of awnings that accomplish both.

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