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Elevate your Lawrence Park home with Leger's Awnings, where our sophisticated outdoor living solutions meet the serene elegance of one of Toronto's most prestigious neighbourhoods. Nestled between Yonge Street and Bayview Avenue, Lawrence Park offers a tranquil retreat with its spacious parks like Blythwood Ravine and Sherwood Park, adding to the area's tranquillity.

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At Leger's Awnings, we understand the importance of maintaining the architectural integrity and aesthetic of Lawrence Park homes. These homes showcase a variety of styles, from English Cottage and Tudor Revival to Georgian and Colonial designs.

Our custom awning solutions enhance this architectural diversity while providing functional elegance that complements your home's exterior and landscaping​​ .

Whether you're seeking the perfect shade solution for your garden, a stylish and practical way to enhance your outdoor entertainment areas, or custom signage for your Lawrence Park business, Leger's Awnings offers premium quality products and services tailored to your needs.

Our experienced team ensures seamless integration of our awnings with your property's unique characteristics, enhancing comfort and curb appeal.
Discover the difference a Leger's Awning can make for your Lawrence Park property.

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What we've done since 1987

Design & Consultation

Our skilled team crafts unique designs tailored to your preferences. We follow a straightforward process to turn your vision into practical reality.

Expert Installation

Every awning we craft demands unique precision, but our commitment to quality remains unwavering. For us, it's about marrying superior quality with impeccable presentation.

Seasonal Removal & Repair

Snow and ice can shorten an awning's lifespan, so removing it before the coldest months is beneficial. If damaged, we treat repairs with the same care as crafting a new awning.

Retrofiting Services

As a Retrofit Contractor, we pinpoint awning inefficiencies and offer solutions to enhance their efficiency. This results in cost savings and a quicker return on investment for our customers.

Custom Manufacturing

We build all our awnings in-house, encompassing everything from design to artwork. Our facility and seasoned team ensure unique, custom projects are delivered promptly and professionally.



Leger’s Awnings Ltd. is a family owned and operated awning & sign company based in Toronto. Leger’s Awnings was founded in 1986 and has remained proudly Canadian.

For any residential, retractable, permanent & commercial needs, we have your covered!

Shoot us a message or give a call with any questions and our experts will be glad to offer you a free quote and help you determine what the best solution is for you.