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Installed - July 2020 Cedar Infrastructure Products is a growing one-stop shop for infrastructure products. We manufactured and installed a traditional awning that covers the man door clients use for pick ups, making it clear and easy to find with the use of branding and artwork.

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Cedar Infrastructure Products



The Project

Our Mission:

Leger's Awnings is committed to providing durable and functional awning solutions for industrial applications, enhancing operational efficiency and protection for critical operations.

Project Details:

  • Client: Cedar Infrastructure Products
  • Location: Rosedale
  • Scope: Efficient Shipping and Receiving Awning
  • Installed: July 2020

Our Process:

  • Client Consultation: We began with a detailed consultation with the client to understand their specific needs for the shipping and receiving area. This step was crucial for aligning our design approach with their operational requirements.
  • Site Assessment: A thorough site assessment was conducted to evaluate the shipping and receiving area and identify any specific challenges, such as weather exposure and traffic flow. This helped us design an awning that would meet the practical needs of the facility.
  • Design Development: Our design team created custom awning designs that incorporated durable materials and provided ample coverage. Multiple design iterations were presented to ensure the final product met the client’s expectations.
  • Material Selection: High-quality, weather-resistant materials were chosen to ensure the awning could withstand various weather conditions while maintaining its structural integrity. The materials were selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Precision Fabrication: Using advanced fabrication techniques, we crafted the awning to perfectly fit the shipping and receiving area. This step ensured that every detail met our high standards of quality and durability.
  • Professional Installation: Our experienced installation team carefully installed the awning, ensuring it was securely attached and properly aligned. This step was crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of the awning.
  • Weatherproofing Features: To ensure year-round use, we incorporated weatherproofing features such as water-resistant coatings and reinforced edges. These additions provided extra protection against rain and wind, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Final Review: After installation, a thorough review was conducted to ensure the awning was functioning perfectly and met the client’s expectations. Any necessary adjustments were made to guarantee a flawless finish.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge was to design an awning that provided effective coverage and protection for the shipping and receiving area while enhancing operational efficiency.

Innovative Solution by Leger's Awnings:

We developed a tailored solution that included high-quality, weather-resistant materials and custom designs that provided ample coverage. The weatherproofing features ensured the awning was both functional and durable, providing protection in various weather conditions.

The Outcome:

The new awning has significantly improved the operational efficiency and protection at Cedar Infrastructure Products’ shipping and receiving area. The facility has benefited from increased protection against the elements, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. The project has successfully demonstrated how custom awning solutions can enhance industrial functionality and operational efficiency.

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