Ruby Soho

Urban Retreats with Style

Leger's Awnings was called upon to transform and elevate Ruby Soho's patio experience.

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Ruby Soho

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Ruby Soho


Toronto @ King West

The Project

Crafting Urban Retreats with Style

At Leger's Awnings, we specialize in more than just providing shade; we create urban retreats. For the Ruby Soho project, our goal was to elevate the typical patio experience, blending our design expertise with their distinctive vision. Our dedication to crafting stylish, inviting, and functional outdoor spaces makes us a perfect fit for revitalizing urban environments.

Project Details:

  • Client: Ruby Soho, Pioneers in Toronto's Nightlife Scene
  • Time Frame: Concept to Completion
  • Project: RubySoho Patio Transformation
  • Location: King West, Toronto
  • Size: A Spacious 847 sq ft Outdoor Area

Our Process:

  • Customized Design: We started by immersing ourselves in Ruby Soho's unique atmosphere and client aspirations.
  • Unique Canopy Design: Our team created a stylish, fully enclosed canopy that enhanced the ambiance while extending the patio season.
  • Precision Execution: Our installation process was carefully planned and carried out, ensuring a refined dining experience under the Toronto sky.

Our Mission:

Leger's Awnings aims to revolutionize outdoor spaces, transforming them into vibrant, inviting extensions of the urban landscape. With Ruby Soho, our mission was to craft a space that echoed King West's energy and became a hallmark in Toronto's dining scene. Our goal is to deliver spaces that not only meet our client's needs but also enhance the vibrancy of the urban landscape.

The Challenge:

Ruby Soho, a coveted destination in Toronto's dining circuit, faced the challenge of transforming their outdoor area into a lively, all-season patio. The objective was to retain the summer ambiance while increasing usability during cooler months, thereby boosting capacity in the bustling King West area.

Innovative Solution:

Our approach to this challenge centered around thoughtful design and practicality. We crafted a custom, fully enclosed canopy that harmonizes with King West's urban backdrop. This innovative structure struck the perfect balance between aesthetic charm and extended seasonal functionality.

Services Rendered:

  • Customized Canopy Design & Construction
  • Urban Space Optimization Consulting
  • Development of Large-scale Structures
  • Integration of Aesthetic and Practical Elements

The Outcome:

The overhaul of RubySoho's outdoor space was a resounding success. The new canopy not only embodies the essence of Toronto's summers but has also turned the patio into an attractive year-round venue, significantly enhancing the restaurant's capacity. This strategic extension solidified Ruby Soho's status as a front-runner in Toronto's competitive restaurant landscape and a must-visit in the King West district.

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