The Moderne

Complementing historical charm with modern functionality

Enhancing architectural landmarks with custom awning solutions that respect and accentuate their inherent beauty.

Project Details


The Moderne

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The Moderne


Downtown Hamilton

The Project

Setting the Standard for Architectural Awning Elegance

Leger's Awnings enhances architectural landmarks with custom awning solutions that respect and accentuate their inherent beauty. Our expertise lies in complementing historical charm with modern functionality, making us the ideal partner for projects that require a careful blend of style, precision, and durability.

Project Details:

  • Client: The Modern Sales Office, Hamilton
  • Time Frame: 6-Week Turnaround
  • Project: Large-Scale Awning Installation for Condo Sales Office
  • Location: Near Jackson Square, Hamilton
  • Feature: 60-foot Awning with 66-inch Tall Signage

Our Process:

  • Design Alignment: Ensure our awning design matches the elegance and scale of the building.
  • Safety-First Installation: Implementing stringent safety measures for winter installation, including using lifts and harnesses.
  • Innovative Material Use: We will leverage our relationships with textile mills to procure broader materials for a seamless, stitch-free facade.

Our Mission:

At Leger's Awnings, our mission is to bring architectural visions to life with our bespoke awning solutions. We aim to create designs that complement the buildings they adorn and leave a lasting impression on all who pass by, driving foot traffic and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

The Challenge:

The Modern project presented a unique challenge: installing a large-scale, high-impact awning in a tight six-week window during winter on a historic building in Hamilton while ensuring safety and maintaining the building's architectural integrity.


To tackle the winter installation, we employed rigorous safety measures. We chose mesh soffit panels for a sleek look and practicality, preventing animal nesting. Our partnership with textile mills allowed us to create a grand, seamless awning that matched the building’s stature without any visible stitching.

Services Rendered:

  • Custom Large-Scale Awning Design & Fabrication
  • High-impact, Visible Signage Creation
  • Mesh Soffit Panel Installation for Durability and Maintenance Ease

The Outcome:

The project was a resounding success. The client was delighted with the design and scale of the awning, which matched the building's elegance and significantly increased foot traffic. Our awning now stands as a testament to our ability to blend utility with aesthetic appeal, making The Modern Sales Office a standout landmark in Hamilton.

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