75 York Mills

The result was not just a functional structure but an iconic piece of art that enhanced the condo's façade, echoing the elegance and sophistication of the York Mills area.

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75 York Mills

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75 York Mills


York Mills Mansions

The Project

Our Mission:

At Leger's Awnings, our commitment is to turn your architectural visions into reality, ensuring that each project we take on not only meets but surpasses your expectations. Our focus is on creating designs that are in harmony with their environment while also showcasing their distinctiveness and superior craftsmanship.

Project Overview:

  • Project: 75 York Mills (Commercial)
  • Location: North York, York Mills area
  • Scope: Designing and installing a functional and aesthetic canopy for a boutique condominium

Our Approach:

  • Design & Planning: Tailoring a canopy design that complements the building's architecture and serves practical needs.
  • Material Selection: Utilizing galvanized steel and Sunbrella canvas for durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Structural Integration: Customizing the frame to incorporate existing structural elements seamlessly.
  • Installation Precision: Ensuring the canopy aligns perfectly with the building’s facade, enhancing both functionality and style.

Challenges & Innovative Solutions:

Faced with the challenge of covering the entire entrance area without compromising the building's aesthetics, our team designed and built support structures that blend seamlessly with the existing architecture. These strategically placed beams not only support the large awning projection but also enhance the building's visual appeal.

Project Execution:

Our process involved meticulous planning and precision execution. From taking precise measurements around the existing structural steel to wrapping the frame in high-quality Sunbrella canvas, every step was carried out with utmost care and attention to detail.

Outcome & Impact:

The completed project at 75 York Mills stands as a testament to Leger's Awnings' dedication to excellence. The canopy not only provides functional benefits like weather protection and wayfinding but also serves as an artistic enhancement to the building’s façade. This project showcases our ability to blend practicality with aesthetic elegance, creating a lasting impact on both the residence and its visitors.

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